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Level Up your game

We provide cloud AI-driven solutions
for remote video production and broadcasting

Who we are

StreamLevel is a division of SportLevel , a worldwide sports data and video provider.

We develop our own streaming platform and technologies for cloud video and audio production in sports. Since 2020, StreamLevel provides a complete package of remote video production and Internet broadcasting and remote audio commentaries of any sporting event.

We specialize in team sports and broadcast up to 750 events a month providing 24/7 technical support for our clients.

Our clients

Our solutions

Standard Remote Broadcast RIG

One month
  • 30 events
  • 1 month
€100.00 / event
  • *Price for logistics and VAT not included
  • *Max duration 2 hours/event
  • Subscription based solution
  • All-in-one package for streaming from one camera
Three months
  • 50 events
  • 3 months
€90.00 / event
  • *Price for logistics and VAT not included
  • *Max duration 2 hours/event
  • Subscription based solution
  • All-in-one package for streaming from one camera
Six months
  • 100 events
  • 6 months
€80.00 / event
  • *Price for logistics and VAT not included
  • *Max duration 2 hours/event
  • Subscription based solution
  • All-in-one package for streaming from one camera
+ Add events
  • 50 events
  • 3 months
€80.00 / event

You can LEVEL UP basic offering with additional features

Remote Broadcast Suite
Check out our Video Platform features
  • Remote Audio commentary solution overlay
  • Instant Replay for Referees
  • On-court statistics & TV Graphics
  • Advanced TV Graphics
  • Post-game Highlights Generator
  • Video platform & CDN
  • Advertisement platform with pre-rolls, post-rolls and in-game ads
  • Advanced Monitoring & Tech Support
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Organization of the end-to-end logistics

Need a Multi-camera broadcast?

Why StreamLevel?

No hussle on and off site

We will take care of everything - from logistics and installation of our hardware to recording and broadcasting to the platforms of your choice. Stable Internet connection is needed and you are all set.

Outstanding quality of broadcasts

AI is an integral part of our video platform as well as the skills and expertise of our human operations team. We believe in combining these to achieve the highest quality of broadcast possible.

Video Platform vast capabilities

Receiving signals in RTMP and SRT, player code, inserting ads and graphics either directly into the stream or as pre-rolls and post-rolls, customized ads for your social media platforms, instant highlights for publication in social media, simultaneous restream on different platforms, timeline labeling, archiving and downloading, SRT.

Maximize value from your content

StreamLevel works with SportLevel to maximize your potential revenues and commercial returns. We reduce your video production costs and improve content quality. You can use our content to improve performance, connect with your fans and extract unrealized revenue through our partners in areas, such as rights activation, sportsbook, sponsor activation, subscription.

Check out how our clients leveled up their live broadcasts

Watch latest broadcasts on StreamLevel Youtube channel

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We provide 24/7 technical monitoring and support. We also partner with best-in-class hardware and PTZ-cameras providers to ensure highest reliability.
We use PTZ cameras from Birddog
We have our own operators. The cost of operator services is included in the price of the game package.
Cameras are controlled remotely using internal connection protocols. Stable Internet connection is needed for your side.
Via online messengers and phone. Before the game starts, we will create working chats with match scouts and club representatives in messengers.
The quality of broadcast will be in Full HD 60 fps
Single-camera Remote Broadcast Suite will cost you depending on the period/number of sporting events you need to broadcast.
In Standard Broadcast RIG one camera is being used.
Yes. We can produce broadcast from up to 4 cameras. If you need a multi-camera broadcast, please contact us.
Our specialist comes to your site with one boх of StreamLevel equipment. Installation takes approximately 30 minutes. We need at least one designated staff member from your side to explain how to use and connect our equipment.
One dedicated person from your side is needed as a main contact for our tech support team. On the site a dedicated stable wired Internet connection, a 220V outlet are needed.
We use StreamLevel servers for a stable picture transmission signal, then the signal will be redirected to any social networks of your choice.
Our 24/7 tech support team will help you to resolve any issue provided there’s one dedicated person from your side as a main contact for our tech support team.
Yes, if there is a canopy and outdoor commutation. However, there are additional restrictions based on weather conditions.
Our equipment is ready to work 24/7. Our specialists monitor its condition and work in real time. Equipment may not be removed unless required to.